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Persons Projects, founded in 1995, Helsinki and is located in Berlin since 2005. The program is centered around a conceptually artistic practice with a main focus on the photographic process. It is the prime gallery for selected artists who are known as the Helsinki School.
Persons Projects (formerly Taik Persons), was founded in 1995 in Helsinki Finland and was relocated in Berlin since 2005. The Projects has two exhibition spaces on Lindenstr 34-35. The location 34, is dedicated to those artists associated with the Helsinki School and its focus is on functioning as their primary gallery internationally. It also serves as a platform for Aalto University’s intern program which is dedicated to the research and digitalization of the Helsinki Schools history and development worldwide. Persons Projects represents the merging of Taik Persons Gallery with ZAK | BRANICKA, and now represents a select group of established and emerging artists who work both conceptually and with the photographic process as a tool for thinking.
VAT ID#: FI20829203
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