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Founded in 1994, Petzel Gallery currently functions in Chelsea and Upper East Side. The gallery continues to develop its program around a group of contemporary artists who are renowned internationally.
Friedrich Petzel Gallery, founded in 1994, first opened in Soho and later moved the Chelsea. After eleven years on 22nd Street, Petzel Gallery closed this space, expanding into a new location at 456 West 18th Street in 2012. In March of 2015, Petzel opened a second space in New York, a new, uptown location at 35 East 67th Street. Situated in a townhouse, the new gallery is used to curate historic exhibitions by artists within the Petzel program, as well as focus on curatorial projects and publishing activities. In the Fall of 2022, Petzel opened a new 16,000 square foot flagship location at 520 West 25th in the heart of Chelsea. Both galleries in New York are complemented by Capitain Petzel in Berlin.
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