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Pop International Galleries aka "The Pop Gallery" is an exciting art gallery on The Bowery at the junction of Spring Street in New York City. Pop International specializes in Pop Art, Urban Art and art and photography that is derived from, or influenced by, popular culture.
Pop International Galleries strives to de-mystify the art buying experience. We aim to facilitate a uniquely fun art buying "event" that brings world class artists, in an ethically managed, easygoing and accessible environment, to collectors from around the globe. We seek to ensure that our art consultants are experienced, friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained, and that our service and support systems remain second to none. We acknowledge and affirm unwaveringly, that the ongoing relationships we have with our collectors and artists are the backbone of the company. We will attempt to take every step to make certain that our clients have nothing but a fulfilling experience acquiring art from us, and that the artists we show, are fiercely represented with integrity and professionalism.
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