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SARADIPOUR Art Gallery founded in 2018 is a contemporary arts gallery focusing in silence genius and investable artist in all over the world specialty in Middle East. Artists which working on clear projects.
SARADIPOUR Art Gallery, or in short, SARAI – denoting house or palace in Persian - is a contemporary gallery dedicated first and foremost to introducing Middle Eastern visual arts. Founded by Hassan Saradipour in 2018, our gallery serves as a platform to showcase emerging and established artists internationally by organizing exhibitions, defining regional and international competitions and joint events, and publishing works by artists. We believe that the historically, culturally, and geopolitically significant region of the Middle East and North Africa is still suffering from the lack of a robust, dedicated platform to represent its creative forces. So far, most of what has been done has come from a rather external viewpoint.Our mission is to be that voice that comes from the inside out.
Featured Artists