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Skaftfell, based in Seyðisfjörður East Iceland, is a visual art center with the role of presenting and encouraging the development of contemporary art.
Skaftfell was founded in 1998 in Seyðisfjörður, east Iceland, from where it provides exhibition, residency and education programs. Its activities principally take place in a large timber house, located in the center of the town, in which is the gallery space, an artist residency apartment and a bistro. The Bistro was designed by Björn Roth and includes work by he and his father, Dieter Roth (1930-1998), including a library of a selection of Dieter Roth's bookworks. In addition, Skaftfell is also the custodian of Geirahús, the former home of naïve artist Ásgeir Jón Emilsson (1931-1999) and Tvisöngur, a sculptural building by Lukas Kühne, comprising five interconnected concrete domes of different sizes, each of which corresponds to a tone in the Icelandic tradition of five-tone harmony.