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Giving emerging artists a better chance at no longer being a "starving artist", our business model makes being displayed in a gallery more accessible while creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for artists to work.
Our official email has been down as we switch providers, but we are using a temporary email in the meantime! Our Bio: Our crazy journey started as a photography studio in 2011. After a rocky start, we shut down. I continued working on my photography as a hobby until 2017, when I met Stow Dunham. When I saw his work, I fell in love with it! I knew we had to do something to share his work. He connected me with T. W. Soderquist, who was also amazingly talented in a completely different style. Through lots of networking, dedication, and creative passion, we assembled a great team of artists and were able to open our modest gallery. I look forward to meeting so many more amazing people and expanding our space. We are always growing and learning and changing.
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