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The Sylvan Cole Gallery specializes in European art since Goya, focusing on works on paper (including prints) from 1890 to the present.We are leading experts in the work of Picasso, Miró, Kentridge, Alexandra Exter, Otto Schubert, and others. Visits by appointment only.
After decades as director of Associated American Artists, legendary dealer Sylvan Cole opened our gallery in New York in 1984. He also founded the IFPDA, the professional association of print dealers. In 2005 his nephew William Cole moved the Gallery to Sitges, a seaside town near Barcelona, and changed the focus to European works on paper (including prints) since Goya. He has continued the scholarly tradition of the Gallery: he has published several books and dozens of articles in the leading journals, and he is recognized one of the world's top experts in art connoisseurship. We have major works by Picasso, Miró, William Kentridge, Alexandra Exter, Otto Schubert, and many others. Our certificates of authenticity have never been challenged. We welcome visitors by appointment only.
VAT ID#: ES25373979B
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