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Tao Art Gallery has been an able guide, illuminating the way to Indian Modern & Contemporary Art since the past 18 years in Mumbai, India, through the showcase of diverse art forms like painting, sculpture, video, and performance in its two exhibition galleries.
Tao has developed into a well-recognized brand in the Mumbai art space: from the days when the gallery’s walls were resplendent with the works of Indian Masters like Hussain, Raza, and Tyeb Mehta in the early 2000’s, to recovery after the financial crisis with a new younger crop of artists. The Gallery is very open-minded towards any creative expression and emphasizes on the powerful and innovative presentation of artistic ability, building a thought provoking experience for all its viewers and inviting dialogue on culture, aesthetics and art traditions. It has also been actively involved in publishing art books, organising art education workshops, and other interactive knowledge-based sessions that aim to propagate love for art, and boost the presence of Indian art in the global arena.