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The gallery proposes comparison between different periods and moments of art history. An innovative project that showcases in a dynamic and unexpected way, the dialogue between ancient, contemporary, Italian and International artists
Tempesta Gallery was born in the year of possible change, 2020, with the declared desire to undertake a direct, open and frontal dialogue on the relationships between human beings, Nature and the various socio-cultural ecosystems. Urgent and non-postponable issues, from the anthropocene to genre, faced with a new method of comparison and comparison between different eras and moments in the history of art. An innovative design line desired by Elisa Bonzano and Enrico Angelino at the helm of the gallery since 2022 that goes beyond the boundaries of the exhibition space to be a multifunctional space, a dynamic place that illustrates the dialogue with contemporary artists, Italian and international, and with the city of Milan.
VAT ID#: IT 10564170966
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