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The Contemporary Art Modern Project is a contemporary art platform focused on creating connections between art and the public, building the emerging and mid-career collectors' art collections, as well as aiding both emerging and established artists in their careers.
The Contemporary Art Modern Project Gallery (The CAMP Gallery) specializes in art advisory and contemporary art with a focus on emerging and mid-career artists working in: installation, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, and video art with a specific direction of both self and worldly reflection. Looking at art, as a whole, through a reactionary and interdisciplinary approach, the gallery covers the ever populating notion of society and life in general through art and curation, offering a creative space both in the gallery and out—where creativity and reality co-exist. The Gallery offers collectors consultations by: phone, email, video, in-gallery, or in-home consultations, (when possible) thus allowing us to suggest artworks based on your needs, interior design and budget.
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