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The Greenberg Gallery is St. Louis’ premier contemporary art gallery, showing the works of contemporary masters.
Ronald K. Greenberg opened The Greenberg Gallery in 1972 in Clayton, Missouri. One of St. Louis’ first contemporary art galleries, The Greenberg Gallery brought to the Midwest some of the most respected and influential contemporary artists in the art world. In 1978 the gallery moved to St. Louis’ Central West End. In 1993 The Greenberg Gallery became Greenberg Van Doren Gallery and continued to thrive in its Central West End location as St. Louis’ leading contemporary art gallery, hosting shows by contemporary masters. Greenberg Van Doren Gallery opened in New York City in 1999. In 2013 Mr. Greenberg renovated a gallery space in Clayton, MO not far from where his original gallery opened in 1972 and Greenberg Van Doren Gallery once again became The Greenberg Gallery.
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