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Since uJung Art Center opened in Seoul in 2011, it has strived to be an organization that creates a nurturing environment. Art Center, located in the residential neighborhood of Seo-cho, plays a key role in serving surrounding communities as a space dedicated to the arts.
uJung Art Center(Seungwoo Jung, Chairman) has endeavored to discover young contemporary artists and promote Korean art through various projects. Every year, the Art Center showcases a number of special exhibitions and programs that highlight multi-disciplinary artworks. The exhibitions provide the diversity of Korean contemporary art to share its values and impressions to Korean audience. Recognizing the importance of Korean art, uJung Art Center participates annually in major art fairs in Asia. The Art Center has been successfully gaining widespread interest and attention from the non-Korean collectors. uJung Art Center will continue to contribute and develop the domestic art market and promote Korean artists.
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