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Having become a museum during the artist's lifetime Vassily Polenov Fine Art Museum and National Park displays the wide range of works by the artist and his circle (mid 19 - beg 20 cen) together with a rotating programme of temporary exhibitions.
A landscape painter's studio and retreat along the Oka-river, former home of Vasily Polenov (1844-1927) Born in St Petersburg, the Russian landscape and academic painter Vassily Polenov studied painting in Russia, Italy and France. On his return to Russia, Polenov became associated both with the Russian Academy and with the more radical 'Wanderers' movement. He settled on the Oka river in the 1890s, and spent the rest of his life developing the estate, including a purpose-built studio painting extensive landscapes. After the Revolution the estate was granted the artist's family for a lifetime use, and the museum was established in 1939. But still it is the only Russian museum to be completely directed by the artists' descendant. Today it is great grand daughter - Natalia Polenova.