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Currently on show are paintings from 1960 to nowadays by various Asian artists, some considered as pioneers of abstraction in Asia. While they are mostly exhibited exclusively in our gallery, it is an original idea and a rare opportunity to see them united in one exhibition.
Vazieux | Art Gallery Paris has just opened a new space at 5bis rue du Louvre, in the center of Paris and close to the future Pinault Foundation. Specialising in the abstract post-war movement in the West, Sabine Vazieux has dedicated the past years exploring her passion for the aesthetic dialogue between Eastern and Western art. Her travels to discover and research historical movements have resulted in rich encounters with artists and numerous studio visits worldwide. She currently works with Asian abstract artists; and artworks from her selection have also been exhibited internationally in various major collections and museums. Sharing the common objective of presenting artists to a greater public and to collectors, we closely collaborate with museums.
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