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Wallace Galleries is one of Canada's most dynamic art galleries and home to many outstanding contemporary Canadian artists. We proudly represent a variety of emerging to well-known painters, printmakers, ceramicists and sculptors.
Established in 1986 and located in the downtown core, our gallery is a family-run business with the goal of making art a part of your life as much as it is a part of ours. At Wallace Galleries, we are happy to provide each client with just the right amount of assistance desired - from providing advice on selection and pricing to framing and installation. We're here to help people connect with art in a pleasant, enjoyable environment. We want to help visitors expand the horizons of their art appreciation, identify the styles and media that define the art they like, introduce new collectors to some of Canada's best known contemporary artists, and bring rising new art stars to the attention of seasoned collectors. We're here to help our clients invest in quality works of art.