White Art Gallery

Buenos Aires
White Art Gallery is a contemporary Art Gallery based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded by Alex Kalpakian in 2009 , textile and art entrepreneur , works supporting and representing established artists whose works present a look to the future , from our present day.
There are certain fortunate occasions when we can contemplate the creative process of a work of art. Unusual opportunities where we are allowed to “spy” on the author´s intention and hands gestating what will later represent the most faithful expression of his inner world. In this unique situations, time slides outside the clocks, absent of minutes and hours. An unmeasured chronology in which, as in dreams, in which we are revealed a reality beyond the real. A dual privilege: Accessing the realm where art takes place , also means participating in a scene that betrays the artist´s ability to get ahead of his time. Those who had the joy of living it ,know this : to look at the work of a true artist , is to look to the future. Alex Kalpakian
Featured Artists