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Whitehouse Gallery is established in May 2014. During 10 years, it was situated in a mansion, surrounded by a rural setting just a short distance from the historic city of Leuven. Since April 2024, the gallery moved to the heart of the art district in Brussels.
Whitehouse Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded by Bert Verlinden and Elly Kog in May 2014 and situated in a beautiful rural setting on the outskirts of Leuven. In September 2018, we incorporated the 350 m2 gym into the gallery. After 10 years of steady growth, we moved the gallery to Brussels in April 2024, to a nice location in the vibrant gallery district, in order to improve our visibility. We continue to show young talent in combination with more established artists, focusing on the rich artist scene of Belgium and surrounding countries.
VAT ID#: BE0460.419.606
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