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Zofia Weiss Gallery is located in the old town of Cracow (PL). The gallery offers a selection of the best paintings by Polish artists of the young and mature generation, organizes individual and group exhibitions throughout the year, collaborates with Academy of Fine Arts.
Zofia Weiss Gallery works under the auspices of Wojciech Weiss Museum Foundation and is located in Kraków Old Town. It occupies the first floor of an old townhouse at Sławkowska 12, the venue which has been connected with art and art exhibitions for over a century. The gallery promotes artists of young and middle-aged generation associated mainly with Krakow and its Academy of Fine Arts, organizes individual and group exhibitions, and offers professional support with many publications. The scope of activities of the gallery’s owner, Zofia Weiss, a historian of art and art critic, covers not only contemporary art, but also museum art. Zofia Weiss Studio, is an incubator for young talents – the space where ideas for new exhibitions are born.