A Legacy of Ink: Lui Shou-kwan 40 Years On, An Exhibition of Lui Shou-kwan, His Students and a New Generation of Artists 呂壽琨-水墨傳奇四十年

As part of this exhibition we will be showcasing works by the new generation of artists at the gallery from Sept 14 - 30. They include Cheuk Ka-wai, Cherie, Ho Kwun-ting, Hung Keung, Kassia Ko, Hanison Lau Hok-shing, CC Ling Pui-sze and anothermoutainman (Stanley Wong).
, 'Hermit in Memory 舊記憶中寄居,' 2015, Alisan Fine Arts

Cherie Cheuk Ka Wai

Hermit in Memory 舊記憶中寄居, 2015

Alisan Fine Arts

HKD $15,000

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