Neither a shouting match nor a polite droning

This exhibition will be about pulling together female artists at various stages of their careers and showing how they are all working differently to claim the right to face and to react against the established and cultural traditions.
, 'From the series AstanaLine. #11, Umai Goddess,' 2016, Andakulova Gallery

Saule Suleimenova

From the series AstanaLine. #11, Umai Goddess, 2016

Andakulova Gallery


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, 'After R. Magritte Neo Golgonda,' 2013, Andakulova Gallery

Bakhyt Bubicanova

After R. Magritte Neo Golgonda, 2013

Andakulova Gallery


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, 'Kazakh ornaments - 4,' 2014, Andakulova Gallery

GaBo Kussainovs

Kazakh ornaments - 4, 2014

Andakulova Gallery


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