New Works- Makoto Fujimura Solo Exhibition 新作-藤村真2017年度個展

September 19October 31, 2017
Presented by Artrue Gallery
Presented by Artrue Gallery


藤村真此次展覽「新作」,經歷失去至親之痛,在默想中重新詮釋:光、寂靜、美。深切的體會儘管身處灰燼中,仍有著一顆渴望重新被恢復的心以及如何從恩典中重生。藉由這一系列作品緬懷且向父親致意。 This series is Makoto's expression of honoring his late father whose work in acoustics inspired and resonated with Makoto's desire to be generative and inspire others.

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Presented by Artrue Gallery