#ArtWiseUP: Flowers In Spring

♢ EDITORIAL by Sal McIntyre, New York ♢ There is nothing better after a stretch of cold weather than filling a space with flowers— nature’s most compelling decoration. Nature has long been a subject matter revisited time and again by history’s greatest artists, past and...
, 'Le Vase de Fleurs,' 1962, ArtWise

Pablo Picasso

Le Vase de Fleurs, 1962



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, 'Rote Cannas,' 1967, ArtWise

Christian Rohlfs

Rote Cannas, 1967



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, 'Ranunculus Flowers,' 1993, ArtWise

Charles Belle

Ranunculus Flowers, 1993



, 'Cala Lilies,' 1988, ArtWise

Man Ray

Cala Lilies, 1988



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