All the Soaring Days in our Nights: Dollhouse - Applied Arts

Carbon 12 proudly presents “All the Soaring Days in Our Nights: Dollhouse - Applied Arts”, a new series of works by Austrian artist Philip Mueller (born 1988), for the 47th edition of Art Cologne. For Mueller, painting is a shamanistic ritual; his studio is his dungeon and every canvas initiates a rite of passage. The artist is transformed into an alchemist, in search of inner truth and outer space, beyond the usual realms of imagination and material matters. This quest might seem particular, but his intentions are universal; where are we coming from, and where are we going, not only in art, but in life in general. To read more:
, '"The Drinks and the Woods",' 2013, Carbon 12

Philip Mueller

"The Drinks and the Woods", 2013

Carbon 12


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