A Curious Turn: Moving Mechanical Sculpture

This Crafts Council Touring exhibition explores the resurgence in automata making over the last 30 years and features works by leading makers whose pieces combine intricate craftsmanship and engineering to tell stores that range from the fantastical to the macabre.
, 'Mule Make Mule,' 2010, Crafts Council

Tim Lewis

Mule Make Mule, 2010

Crafts Council

, 'Five Artists Reflect on Their Waning Powers,' 1983, Crafts Council

Paul Spooner

Five Artists Reflect on Their Waning Powers, 1983

Crafts Council

, 'And Then I Saw a Deer,' 2006, Crafts Council

Melanie Thomlinson

And Then I Saw a Deer, 2006

Crafts Council