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Design Space at Design Miami/ 2012

December 5December 9, 2012


Along the history of human civilization, pots, pans, vases, bottles and bowls were made and used in a specific context: materials have always been related to a local environment and climate; production techniques were closely linked to folk wisdom, family traditions and industrial developments; and methods of use are associated with social structures and beliefs. Furthermore, vessels have always been part of commercial activity, acting as cultural ambassadors and transferring knowledge between civilizations. Vessels contain, reflect and reveal culture. They are a manifestation of the link between nature, human needs and the civilized act of “making”. For Design Miami/ 2012, Design Space presents vessels that evolved in light of these ideas. They are produced in limited editions and involve various techniques and methods of production, from hand-made crafts to contemporary technology. Design Space, directed by Emmy Shahar and Salome Fakiel, was established in 2010 to encourage creative innovation and provide a platform for progressive design and art, featuring both emerging and established artists’ work. The gallery is presenting various fields of design, ranging from furniture and industrial products to diverse art exhibitions. Through collaborations with various creative sectors, Design Space produces projects and initiatives, extending its vision internationally. Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum initiated their joint studio in 2009. Coming from different fields of design and often working with other artists and designers, their creative dialogue strives to be a broad and multidisciplinary one. Together, their work has so far spanned furniture and hand-made objects, scenography, graphic design, street art and theoretical writing. The exhibition includes three works in collaborations with Amit Drori (theatre director and designer), Yoav Reches (designer), Tom Tlalim (artist and musician) and Jerome Vernez (video artist).

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