Didier Ltd.
Design Miami/ 2012

Didier Ltd is a London-based gallery run by Didier Haspeslagh and Martine Newby Haspeslagh that specializes in jewelry by leading Modern Masters, painters and sculptors who are recognized internationally for their art. These jewels are historical pieces, produced primarily from 1940 to 1990, and blur the boundaries between art and design, while also being small, intimate expressions of their creator’s art. For Design Miami/ 2012, the gallery will be concentrating on the work of female artists, The Sculptress Adorns - Jewellery by Women Artists, and the accompanying catalogue will be published at the show. The jewels themselves were made either as unique pieces, often as personal gifts for family and friends, or produced in small limited editions. Although they represent miniature works of art or wearable sculptures for the artist, they can be very large and make a dramatic statement when worn. The pieces can contain strong feminist messages as in the work by Louise Nevelson, Louise Bourgeois or Janine Antoni, while others are more delicate and feminine as seen in the jewels by Claude Lalanne or exuberant bursting with life and color as with those by Niki de St Phalle and Federica Matta. The materials used to craft these pieces ranges from wood or brass to silver and gold, a wider selection than those used by male artists, and the use of “objets trouve” was more eclectic. These artists’ jewels will be exhibited alongside the best creations produced by twentieth century designers and architects, all of which display innovative approaches to jewelry design.
, 'Three copper and glass pendants,' ca. 1962, Didier Ltd.

Claire Falkenstein

Three copper and glass pendants, ca. 1962

Didier Ltd.

, 'Black painted wood and gold necklace,' ca. 1965, Didier Ltd.

Louise Nevelson

Black painted wood and gold necklace, ca. 1965

Didier Ltd.

, 'Abstraction,' 1979, Didier Ltd.

Sonia Delaunay

Abstraction, 1979

Didier Ltd.


, 'Petit collier X,' 1972, Didier Ltd.

Claude Lalanne

Petit collier X, 1972

Didier Ltd.

, 'Parapapillon pendant/brooch,' 1979, Didier Ltd.

Meret Oppenheim

Parapapillon pendant/brooch, 1979

Didier Ltd.

, '"Colerette" gold pendant necklace,' 1990s, Didier Ltd.

Parvine Curie

"Colerette" gold pendant necklace, 1990s

Didier Ltd.

, '"Tender Buttons" gold nipple brooches,' 1994, Didier Ltd.

Janine Antoni

"Tender Buttons" gold nipple brooches, 1994

Didier Ltd.

, '"Tete" gold and enamel pendant/brooch,' 1982, Didier Ltd.

Niki de Saint Phalle

"Tete" gold and enamel pendant/brooch, 1982

Didier Ltd.