Personal Structures: Open Borders

The GAA Foundation's exhibition "Personal Structures - Open Borders" shows the commonness and differences between Europeans in dialogue with works of non-Europeans. The exhibition takes place in Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and the Marinaressa Gardens in Venice, Italy.
, 'Rainer works over Klimt Schiele 21A2V,' 2013, ECC Collection

Arnulf Rainer

Rainer works over Klimt Schiele 21A2V, 2013

ECC Collection


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, 'Dancing Stone,' 2016, ECC Collection

Gerard Kuijpers

Dancing Stone, 2016

ECC Collection

, 'Gassed - Travellers In Time,' 2016, ECC Collection

Lluis Barba

Gassed - Travellers In Time, 2016

ECC Collection

, 'A Mad Tempest IV ,' 2017, ECC Collection

Beatrice Wanjiku

A Mad Tempest IV , 2017

ECC Collection