RE — Reanimate, Repair, Mend and Meld

This group exhibition examines the contemporary artistic interest in repaired ceramics. It focuses on materially related forms created by leading ceramic artists who exploit and explore the surrounding issues of conservation, restoration, over consumption, reuse, & recycling.
, 'The Garden Series, Tower Buddleia,' 2015, Ferrin Contemporary

Paul Scott

The Garden Series, Tower Buddleia, 2015

Ferrin Contemporary


, 'from the series "Going Blank",' 2010, Ferrin Contemporary

Caroline Slotte

from the series "Going Blank", 2010

Ferrin Contemporary


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, 'Pair of Camouflage Dogs (William Morris),' 2015, Ferrin Contemporary

Stephen Bowers

Pair of Camouflage Dogs (William Morris), 2015

Ferrin Contemporary

$15,000 - 20,000

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