January 16June 16, 2013
Presented by George Eastman Museum
Presented by George Eastman Museum


For forty years, the enormous color transparencies that graced Grand Central Terminal touched the hearts of millions. 565 Coloramas were produced between 1950 and 1990; 36 are reproduced in the exhibition. Most images included were made in the 1960s – arguably Colorama’s heyday and a time of great social change in America. We are pleased to share these Coloramas with a new generation of viewers, who, we hope, will respond, not only as Edward Steichen did in 1950, “agog and smiling, all just feeling good,” but with a thought to how these productions shaped a generation, and its ideas about the world. Colorama is a traveling exhibition organized by the George Eastman House.

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Presented by George Eastman Museum