Aspen Wall Posters at the Gonzo Museum

Benton and Hunter Thompson created the first Aspen wallposter in March 1970 as the official print organ of threw Aspen Liberation Front. Wallposter #1 proclaimed, "Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. We intend to fill that vacuum. We also intend to make some people wish that wolves had stolen them from their cradles. The only criteria for art and editorial content will be quality. Any nazi greedhead with the money to hire a good ghostwriter is welcome to submit his screed for publication. Dull and/or illiterate bullshit will be rejected out of hand. Our space is limited and we have no rewrite staff to cope with gibberish or garbled swill. We'll make every effort, however, to publish any relevant, coherent and even outrageous counterpoint to our own clearly biased opinions."