Erwin Olaf: Berlin

March 7May 9, 2013
Presented by Hamiltons Gallery
Presented by Hamiltons Gallery


Hamiltons Gallery presents Erwin Olaf’s newest series of work, ‘Berlin’: In a significant departure from his previous projects, ‘Berlin’ is set and filmed on location in six different historical locations of the grand city, rather than imagined and constructed in Olaf’s Amsterdam studio. Funded in part with the proceeds of his 2011 Vermeer prize, the most important cultural recognition conferred by the Dutch government, this series demonstrates that Erwin Olaf has again broken the boundaries of contemporary photographic practice. At once historical and contemporary, with a tension-filled, and ever-shifting narrative, Olaf manages to entrance, perplex, confound and delight viewers with a powerful range of imagery.

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Presented by Hamiltons Gallery