The Color Factor 1973-2013 (Homage to Josef Albers and Raúl Lozza)

February 2March 23, 2013


Henrique Faria Fine Art is pleased to present, starting February 7, Osvaldo Romberg’s exhibition The Color Factor 1973-2013, Homage to Josef Albers and Raúl Lozza, an exhibition reuniting his works from the last 30 years. Romberg (Argentinean) is one of the most important conceptual artists from Latin America. A good portion of his work centers on the analysis and dismantling of the systems of pictorial construction developed between the Renaissance and the avant-gardes. His work explicitly reveals the structural scaffolding (material, perceptual and cultural) on which our aesthetic appreciation rests. Nevertheless, Romberg feels a particular pull toward those methodical artists who have erected veritable formal orders such as Mondrian, Malevich, or Albers.

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Presented by Henrique Faria Fine Art