The Everywhere Studio

Marking the most ambitious and broad-ranging survey mounted to date by ICA Miami, The Everywhere Studio will encompass some 100 works in painting, sculpture, video, and installation, The Everywhere Studio brings together over 50 artists from the past five decades.
, 'Paradoxe Intentionen ,' 1988-1992, ICA Miami

Anna Oppermann

Paradoxe Intentionen , 1988-1992

ICA Miami

, 'Artist's Studio with Model,,' 1974, ICA Miami

Roy Lichtenstein

Artist's Studio with Model,, 1974

ICA Miami

, 'Mixing Desk and Chair / Yellow Ribbon in Her Hair,' 2002, ICA Miami

Jason Rhoades

Mixing Desk and Chair / Yellow Ribbon in Her Hair, 2002

ICA Miami

, 'Worktimer,' 1987, ICA Miami

Martin Kippenberger

Worktimer, 1987

ICA Miami

, 'Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions for the Camera,' 1963-1973, ICA Miami

Carolee Schneemann

Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions for the Camera, 1963-1973

ICA Miami

, 'Le Peintre et son modele II,' 1963, ICA Miami

Pablo Picasso

Le Peintre et son modele II, 1963

ICA Miami

, 'Installation view of Counting on People,' 24 Sep 2014 -16 Nov 2014, ICA Miami

Neïl Beloufa

Installation view of Counting on People, 24 Sep 2014 -16 Nov 2014

ICA Miami

, 'Morning Studio,' 2016, ICA Miami

Nicole Eisenman

Morning Studio, 2016

ICA Miami

, 'Table Hegenheimerstrasse,' 1980-2010, ICA Miami

Dieter Roth

Table Hegenheimerstrasse, 1980-2010

ICA Miami

, 'White Easel with Wooden Hand,' 1978, ICA Miami

Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz

White Easel with Wooden Hand, 1978

ICA Miami

, 'The Consequence of Platforms,' 2016, ICA Miami

Matthew Angelo Harrison

The Consequence of Platforms, 2016

ICA Miami

, 'Free Running Rhythms and Patterns: Version II,' 2000, ICA Miami

Andrea Zittel

Free Running Rhythms and Patterns: Version II, 2000

ICA Miami