Splitting his time between Lisbon and London when he's not globe-trotting, the artist utilises his urban surroundings for his prime source of inspiration and materials to create unique works in a variety of media. Vhils' most recent works which compose Devoid centre on the city's overwhelming power as it relates to the individual inhabitants and how they interact, enmesh and change over time: "This ephemeral character that interests me in my work is the transience I witnessed while growing up, in the street, in the transformation and development, in all the changes: Nothing Lasts Forever ... the contrast between the glamour of the new and the decadence of the old. All this ephemeral nature that can be observed in the street says a lot about the state of people and their way of living in a given moment of time." – Vhils
, 'Reflection #1,' 2012, Lazinc


Reflection #1, 2012


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