Lisson Gallery
The Armory Show 2013

Lisson Gallery was founded in 1967 by Nicholas Logsdail. It was one of a small number of pioneering galleries in the UK, Europe and the United States to champion a generation of artists who were transforming the way art was made and presented, focusing on the idea or concept behind an artwork over expressive or descriptive aims. These young artists – including Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Dan Graham, Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Carl Andre, Lawrence Weiner, Art & Language, John Latham, Peter Joseph, Lee Ufan, Giulio Paolini, Daniel Buren - represented not a style but an attitude, an ethos concerning art's place in a wider intellectual, cultural and social context.
, 'Purple Republic,' 2009, Lisson Gallery

Richard Deacon

Purple Republic, 2009

Lisson Gallery

, 'PUSHED AS IF & LEFT AS IS,' 2012, Lisson Gallery

Lawrence Weiner


Lisson Gallery

, 'Canvas Event,' 1994-1995, Lisson Gallery

John Latham

Canvas Event, 1994-1995

Lisson Gallery

, 'Cover 2 (Blue/White),' 2011, Lisson Gallery

Angela de la Cruz

Cover 2 (Blue/White), 2011

Lisson Gallery