Native Artists of North America

A selection of works from the permanent collection, dating from the early 19th century to the present, including many objects never before exhibited.
, 'Bird; San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico,' ca. 1930, Newark Museum

Awa Tsireh

Bird; San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, ca. 1930

Newark Museum

, 'Water Jar; New Mexico,' ca. 1890, Newark Museum

Unknown Zuni Artist

Water Jar; New Mexico, ca. 1890

Newark Museum

, 'Model House; Haida, British Columbia,' Late 19th century, Newark Museum

Charles Edenshaw

Model House; Haida, British Columbia, Late 19th century

Newark Museum

, 'Chief’s Headdress Frontlet; British Columbia,' ca. 19, Newark Museum

anonymous Tsimshian artist

Chief’s Headdress Frontlet; British Columbia, ca. 19

Newark Museum

, 'Bear Rattle,' ca. 19, Newark Museum

Sdiihldaa/Simeon Stilthda

Bear Rattle, ca. 19

Newark Museum

, 'Come Alive! (I Feel Love),' 2016, Newark Museum

Jeffrey Gibson

Come Alive! (I Feel Love), 2016

Newark Museum

, 'Chest; Alaska,' ca. 18, Newark Museum

anonymous Tlingit artist

Chest; Alaska, ca. 18

Newark Museum