Taro Nasu
Frieze New York 2015

TARO NASU presents a group show featuring Ryan Gander, Simon Fujiwara and Takashi Homma. New & late works by Gander and Fujiwara will be exhibited, as well as "camera obscura" series by Takashi Homma.
, 'Tell my mother not to worry (vi),' 2013, Taro Nasu

Ryan Gander

Tell my mother not to worry (vi), 2013

Taro Nasu

, 'kinoko-4,' 2010, Taro Nasu

Takashi Homma

kinoko-4, 2010

Taro Nasu

, 'Ich (2x8L 1x16L Trio Master Trennsystem),' 2015, Taro Nasu

Simon Fujiwara

Ich (2x8L 1x16L Trio Master Trennsystem), 2015

Taro Nasu