*foundationClass with Ahmad Alali, Rula Ali, Ulf Aminde, Reme Awwad, Mira Debaja, Azin Feizabadi, Max Grau, Florian Huss, Azad Ibrahim, Ali Kaaf, Ali Mahmoud, Kirollos Mousa, Danae Nagel, Marina Naprushkina, Ayham Omarin, Dachil Sado, Miriam Schickler, Batoul Sedawi & Ghaith Tahsen

September 17October 30, 2016
Presented by West Den Haag
Presented by West Den Haag


Initiated by Ulf Aminde in 2015 and located at Weißensee school of art in Berlin, the *foundationClass tries to use artistic, institutional and legal practices to prepare the ground for refugees’ and asylum seekers’ equal access to the institutionalized art and cultural sectors.

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Presented by West Den Haag