Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration

White Cube Bermondsey is pleased to present ‘Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration’, a touring exhibition of the artist's graphic oeuvre, curated and organised by the Parrish Art Museum, USA. Close made his first print in 1972 and, since then, has tirelessly explored the possibilities and limits of the print medium. Although Close is best known for his meticulous, large-scale paintings, his prints are equally time consuming and, unusually, they can often take longer to complete than a painting. The 150-plus works in this exhibition will include a comprehensive survey of his career, including copper-plate engravings, woodcuts, reduction linocuts, aquatints, etchings, mezzotints, pulp paper works and tapestries.
, 'Self-Portrait (Pink T-Shirt),' 2013, White Cube

Chuck Close

Self-Portrait (Pink T-Shirt), 2013

White Cube

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